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 Nawajagaran Multiple Campus, despite being in the rural area, has been providing quality education with the motto of imparting practical knowledge to meet the global need of 21st –century- modern-world while preserving the cultural ethics. We are marching forward with the philosophy that education is not merely a means of earning but it is a path leading towards multidimensional pursuit of life.                               

Established by the active initiation of the community, the campus has directly benefited the rural underprivileged students and traditionally side-lined groups, especially women be they daughters or daughter-in-laws who have no access to higher education. As a public campus, our only goal is to offer competitive education at the minimal cost so as to produce qualified students who can achieve success in every step of life.                                                    

The present day challenge is to provide proper academic environment to the students so that the disciplined, well-mannered, and civilized citizens with full vigour and potential to contribute to the social transformation could be produced. Realizing this fact, the campus is stepping ahead to recognize and manage resources for well facilitated modern building, library, computer lab, and auditorium hall along with qualitative improvement. So, we welcome and appeal for every kind of constructive supports from the guardians, academicians, ex-students, well wishers, NGOs and INGOs dedicated to uplift educational sector.




          Devi Prasad  Subedi 

  Campus Chief

Admision Open: with hearty congratulations to all +2 graduates,NMC announces new admision for B.A,B.B.S and B.Ed.first year.
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Established with the initiation and efforts of academicians, social workers, guardians, donors and local institutions, Nawajagaran Multiple Campus has fulfilled the need of an academic institution of higher education in the area. Located amidst the natural beauties of Tamsariya-7, NMC has directly benefited the rural students as well as women, ethnic minorities, and Dalits of the community. Since its inception, Nawajagaran Multiple Campus has been receiving extensive cooperation morally,physically and economically from the locals of the community.

 In the early days of its establishment it was largely supported by Nawajagaran Higher Secondary School having been provided with infrastructural and other assistances. However, the campus has recently shifted to its own new building.


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